Proof That Ghosts Exist

by Fights And Fires

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DB SCHENKER It'll probably be the rock and roll and shit. Yadda yadda. Just paid the price of a packet and a half of fags for their entire output to date in one sitting. Not proud of this, but that's basic economics for you. If you like the Bronx, then you'll like this. Only it's basically waaay better than the Bronx, who can't even be bothered to give their albums proper titles. Favorite track: Death Adder.
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released April 5, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Testaments
This is the newest testament,
As told by devils and angels on shoulders,
In airports,
In bar rooms,
On Deathbeds,
On Gravestones,
This is not a trend or means to a end and i am not impressed,
I am a trend setter and a wild eyed go getter.
Track Name: My Rusty
I got my ticket waiting in line,
(The waiting gets harder)
To get a piece of what i fancied,
My pound of flesh my only girl,
How you make me feel wanted.

My Rusty, My Rusty, My Rusty dream machine,
My twisted, My Twisted, My twisted make believe,
Everybody knows there's a top and bottom to this world,
Just trying, trying to hold on.

I tried to get this out my mind,
(Like bodies in motion)
Before we set this old flame alight,
Your honest eyes your only flaw now i can see what you really wanted,

These devil seeds,
In the grass then they spread,
Like Trees, Like Trees.
Track Name: You Can't Say Slags On The Radio
Hey my little brother are you going out tonight?
Hey my little brother you better be prepared to fight,
Because this town is full of drugs and violence at night,
This town is full of drugs and violence at night.

Everyone in this town has got a motive,
Everyone has a motive in this town.

Hey my little sister i hope your not leaving the house?
Hey my little sister you better wear a longer dress,
Because this town is full of drunks and liars at night,
This town is full of drunks and liars at night.

This is not a momentary scam,
More like a blueprint for my destruction,
So raise those tired bones from off your settee,
Make sure you never show who is afraid.

Its not my problem,
Its not even my place to say,
But this cities changing and you are the ones to blame,
This town was once so quiet and peaceful at night,
This town was once so quiet and peaceful at night.

I got a problem its that i care to much and i live to short.
Track Name: Shake It
You got it i need it,
Spark a reaction,
I got it i need it,
Spark a reaction,
Chemical yeah chemical yeah.

These kind of mutual agreements between friend that should never been loved,
Just for one night a lifetime of regrets,
Her strange kisses weigh heavy on my lips.

Shake it, Shake it
Shake it from your hips
Make sure, Make sure
For ever feel ashamed.

My heart ticks like a bomb Its about to explode,
Like the cancer in your body clock i was born to implode
Track Name: Borders
My wings feel clipped like motivation,
This fuel is pulsing but the throttles totally fucked,
And i have got change of going nowhere,
(Somewhere the night scares)
like two ships docked at night waiting to take flight.

Don't bother with borders,
Barbwire sandbags and mortars,
Interrogation tall orders and routines,
Don't black out your windows,
Fire alarm history and sirens,
this separation is clue and its obscene.

It's the moment when we break,
Like the cancer to this heat.

My lips slip truth like desperation,
i wear my heart but the sleeves are totally fucked,
And i have got change of going nowhere,
(Somewhere the night scares)
like two ships docked at night waiting to take flight.
Track Name: Harder And Harder
A broken record my place in time,
History not science is where i cross the line,
Fact or fiction placed in the hand of the winners,
And you know she always keeps the score.

So crush my heart and send it off to sea,
Lead lined and stitched up with iodine.

It just gets harder and harder,
When its easier to breath.
Track Name: Fan The Flames
Kick back the stool that you stand on,
Would this rope really help the cause.
Take a deep breath in now and try shake this rattle from out your lungs,
Never have you dreamed of god,
So fake you repent just in case you were wrong,
The snake he did trick Adam,
Judas as he kiss acts so sincere.

This is not a mutual agreement,
In fact i think your lips just spread the lies,
taking everyone down with them like a out of control forest fire your lips just fan the flames.

Hugs and get well wishes from friends and family really help the cause,
Like mother natures safety net for when you fall,
Just don't forget to pull the chord.

Stake your claim on me forever but never forget my name.
Track Name: Dirty Mouth
Do you know you've got a new age dirty mouth,
Cant stop it, Cant stop it,
Your teeth so rotten from all the shit you spun,
Everybody's got a point at which they break,
Don't stop it, Don't stop it
This is my destination this is my future at stake.

I got this body its barely holding make me feel like i got salt running through these open veins,

Like medication,
This music flows through my soul,
Six hours till i get home

Promised the world but delivered dirt,
No wonder you soiled all your dreams.

Blood boils in my heart,
I think its took its toll.

Take all that they say with a pitch of salt,
Sugar coated bitter tasted fruits.

We wear our hearts on threadbare sleeves.