We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow

by Fights And Fires

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DB SCHENKER Pacey, severely infectious hardcore with a serious groove/breakdown thing going on. Caught these at a rammed, sweaty little gig in the nondescript county town where I have ended up living. Loved them so much I have just forked out £8.50 for their entire back catalogue. £8.50 for five years work. Merry fucking christmas. Favorite track: Small Town Boy PT.II.
Taylor Stevens
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Taylor Stevens Love these guys, friendly catchy band. Favorite track: Back Bone.
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released March 14, 2013



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Track Name: Chase The Blues
If I’ve got a problem,
Then I've got to sing,
Lets get this shit off my chest again.

No job, no women, music’s what I hold on to.
Lets hope lady melody can keep me warm at night.

Chase the blues away with sunshine baby.
Make your own mistakes, then its worth it.

Everyone’s got a price to pay,
Mine's H, E double L.
Lose your mind, body and soul.
Just let me take control.

Feeling lost when I am home,
Better off waiting for the call.
Then to leave and hope I find something real on my own.

Trying to get the motivation to get back inside this van again,
Like a coffin of steel and fibreglass, I got no chance.
Condensation drips down on my face on winter days,
Water torture hasn’t got shit on sleeping in this thing.

I find it harder to understand,
When all of this is just a modern motive,
For why we don’t belong.
Track Name: Back Bone
I can't get the nerves to say,
You’re the one that got away.
I am counting day by day,
I am the one that had to stay.

If times a great healer,
I was battered and bruised, I was born to lose.
Pick up my coat and sort of fix my hair,
But its rude to stare.

When your looking like that,
Its kind of hard to look away.
When your looking like that,
I've got to say.
Why don’t you grow yourself a Back Bone,
Leave me and my friends alone.
If its sympathy you're after,
Then I think you're on your own.

My friends keep telling me,
There’s plenty more fish in the sea.
So I've got my rod and net,
But you’re the one that’s catching me.

If all that shines isn’t gold then that glitter on your dress,
Keeps lying to me every time.
If all that I see staring back at me is a face that I don’t like.
Track Name: Tread Water
They say we've got, we've got to tread water,
Nothing but hope can leave this town.
Its got, it's got a grip on you,
All your dreams are all let downs.

Lets take a step back not to alarm you,
But I think I have found,
A new exit the only way out,
The only way outs going down.

You say you mean it, you really mean it.
One day you’ll understand.
You say you mean it, you really mean it.
Why would you let me down.

I said I loved you, but it was half true.
Because I think I have found,
A new exit the only way out,
The only way outs going down.
Track Name: You Don't Always Reap What You Sow
Keep banging my head against this fucking wall.
Barely make a dent or scratch why I am not so sure.
I keep on banging against this fucking wall.

Dust and plaster,
Bricks and mortar,
Glass ceiling we all have to shatter.

Its nothing but rock 'n' roll,
But still you try and steal its heart and soul.

Let's hear your voice,
Ugly and pissed off,
Whiskey slurred and loved up.
Track Name: If I'm Forrest Then You're Jenny
I'm sick of being your Forest,
You have always been my Jenny.
Like Lieutenant Dan my friends with the plan,
Come to keep my boat afloat.

Time wasting never made me happy,
I never understand the charm.
Its just a force of habit that I have become accustom of.

Trying to wake up,
Without opening my eyes.
Proudly growing old,
Without ever growing up.

I have my brains and heart,
You have your looks and charms.
Its just a force of habit that our lips keep closing in to touch.

Trying to stay asleep,
Without opening my eyes.
Ashamed of growing old,
Without ever growing up.

You’ve got nothing for me,
But I can't help feel I need it.

Picking up pieces of jigsaws,
Can only last so long.
If I’m the one that fixes thing for you,
If its not love it's not fair.

My Momma said to me they were magic shoes they take me anywhere,
Sometime the rain will stop long enough for the stars to come out.
Track Name: Rats And Vultures
More awake than I’m living more asleep than I’m dead,
These rat and vultures keep running my head.
Too close for comfort,
too young to say,
too old to change my ways.

They say he loves to drink and his liver's his wife.
He goes home every night,
To give it a damn good beating.

I know it's not how this is done,
But starting from scratch was never fun.
My body makes me feel bored,
Lets keep warm, lets keep.

We are the children.

Everyone understands it’s a matter of time,
Before we all fall down.
You never understood a single word you never learned.
It's never easy being me.
Track Name: Cat's Lives
So I pick myself up off the floor again,
That I choose to sleep on when we are on the road.
I would have got bored of being in bands,
If you could have only waited,
If I could have only known.

Like a cat you've got nine lives,
You've used eight and you've got one left.
Track Name: Mothers' Advice
I lost my heart but found my guts,
Pulled down by paper cuts.
These laces barely holding on,
I've got miles to walk with plenty of tread.
It's just the simple things that keep holding me back,
Keep holding me back.

My mother said to me as you walk out the door,
Keep your head held high,
Look them damn straight in the eyes.

Kick up the dirt and covered sheets,
Pull back the blanket.
This scared little child is growing up,
So god damn fast.
What was once me searching for ghosts or maybe monsters,
Better leave the night light on to search the rafters.

High tides and house fires.
Track Name: Haunted House
Never been one for confrontation,
This rusty gate of a relationship keeps on squeaking.
I have finally had enough.

I can't recommend a remedy,
I've got problems of my own,
And I can barely find the answers to solve them all.

Anything can happen in a heartbeat.
Maybe we’re just friends,
Maybe we’re just more.

I always find my own solutions,
This stack of problems keeps on building,
And you’re the one to blame.

If your hearts so fragile,
Why do you place in the hands of others.
These clumsy paws and stunted arms,
Can barely hold the weight.
It's just slipping through my fingers,
This liquid love these whiskey hearts.
We grow to miss them.
Track Name: BFF... For Now
I've got the match, you've got the fire and its raging,
you’ve always been so quick to fly off the handle.
Park benches and alcohol seem so lost on us now.
The only thing that stayed the same,
Since we were kids,
Was your name.

Sick of being in the middle of you two,
How do you expect a friend to choose?
It's like she’s pulling on my heart strings and you’re appealing to my sense.
Everybody gets a second chance,
Why can't you just show him forgiveness?
Why can't you just give her a break?
For fucks sake.

Just take a step back,
Look at what we had.
It's all we needed,
It's all we’ll ever have.
Why don’t you show me how it feels.

I was born and raised.
You were drawn and quartered.
Let's pick ourselves up out of the gutters
Track Name: Small Town Boy PT.II
I’ve got this one track mind,
It's hard to see just you and me.
Like the skeletons that are hiding in your closet.
These dirty secrets,
You can not keep them.
Stay lucky you have always been that way,
But not for me.
Like the rabbits foot for the lonely hare,
It's dead.
These dirty secrets you can not keep them.

You've got me running inside, outside, inside my mind.
Never write a song about this girl again.
Your English rose,
Your small town boy.

You've spent the last three hours,
Just telling me how selfish I am.
Like the mix signals you're sending me are plain to read.
These dirty secrets you can not keep them.
I've got my friends,
I’ve got my music,
That’s enough for me.
A fool would ask for more but I keep on asking.
These dirty secrets you can not keep them.

If it makes you feel small,
Then I don’t want to know how hard it is when your alone,
In that massive home.

I don’t understand what your going through,
But I’ll still be here with a song and a prayer.
You may have lost your love but I’m the loveless one.
How do you miss what you never had.
Born a lonely son, die a lonely son.